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It's time to become the
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When mind, body & being are dialed in, success is inevitable. 

Dr. Jess


I help elite men & executives 
optimize performance & UNLOCK their full potential 
in business, in bed, and in life.

Total Body Peak Performance Blueprint 


Functional Medicine testing

with Consultation

This is the first and most important step in unleashing your inner warrior.  You measure performance indicators in your business and your body should be no different. Afterall, you can't change what you don't track! Your personalized blueprint will provide an in-depth look at your unique biomarkers to determine how efficiently your body is running, to reveal silent killers that may be holding you back, and to identify the root causes of any nagging symptoms.  You'll discover what food & nutrients you need to optimize energy & think more clearly; what lifestyle changes you need to recover more efficiently & be more productive; what hormones & neurotransmitters need adjusting to increase performance, motivation & success, and you'll walk away with a roadmap to becoming the highest version of yourself.

Health + Performance Consulting

1:1 Guidance +

Community Support +

Performance-Based Medicine

Men like you thrive on the hustle & grind - you are a machine...superhuman...and you aren't slowing down. But because you're busy building an empire, your health often takes a back seat to business.  Our strategic health + consulting program allows you to delegate all of your wellness needs to Dr. Jess and her team while receiving support from a one-of-a-kind community of ambitious & hard-working guys like yourself! ​ Over the course of 6-12 weeks, you'll learn lifelong tools to optimize your body & master your mindset, giving you that competitive edge you've been striving for!  From detox, sleep, nutrition, stress management and movement to supplementation, testosterone optimization, biohacking and more, you will become stronger, more resilient and feel better than ever before!


Year-round Support +

Exclusive Perks +

Limitless Potential

So you've triumphed through your Peak Performance intensive and you're ready to embrace the world as a new & improved Rugged Gentleman, but you're nervous about losing your support network? Graduates of the Hustle2Flow program are eligible & encouraged  to become VIP practice members by joining one of our membership options. Your month-to-month plan provides the services and comfort you need to stay strong, healthy & in the zone with unlimited access to the private online community of guys you've come to know and trust, discounts on products, visits & exclusive retreats, and of course next-level care by Dr. Jess and all of the high quality tools & therapies you depend on to thrive and crush your goals.​ The sky is the limit!


Personalized Wellness + Peak Performance = Limitless Potential


Hi there, I’m Dr. Jess!

Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine expert &
High-Performance Health Strategist for the Modern Man

What can I say? I love working with my male counterpart.  Men like yourself...the driven, ambitious, fill your plate, burn the candle, rise & grind fellas.  You're the perfect combination of discipline, motivation and grit that allows me to shape you into the primal, rugged Renaissance man you aim to be and guide you towards a future filled with health, wealth and abundance. 

The thing is, even though you're you, and I'm, well, me, I get you better than some of your best guy friends. I know what it's like to want to keep going when others think you're crazy; I know what it's like to consistently strive for want the absolute best; and I know what it's like to crash & feel like your world is coming down and nothing is within your control.


I've been the significant other who cares about you more than you'll ever know and yearns for your happiness and success just as much as you do; and I've been the daughter who looks up to you for guidance & strength and who needs your whole-hearted presence.

You can joke with me and I'll joke right back.

You can be honest with me and I'll tell you like it is.

You can be vulnerable with me and I'll support you where you're at. 


I'll coach you with compassion. empathy, and an unparalleled perspective on the male human condition that has only come with a lifetime of experience - as the daughter of a self-destructive father, as the wife of a husband who has struggled with purpose & passion, and as a physician for tens of dozens of motivated men. 


I combine these experiences with keen intuition, a deep understanding of male physiology, a passion for  biohacking and optimizing performance, and a single mission to create a world of strong, resilient and powerful men. The type of man I want my daughter to marry. The type of man I want other high-performing women like myself to fall in love with. The type of man this world needs to raise our boys and teach our future generation of leaders, movers, & shakers.

Couple with Daughter_edited.jpg

What the world needs now more than ever is strong, resilient, indestructible men. Men to provide, men to protect, men to be loving and present parents, men to be playful and passionate partners.


It’s a big ask to be all of those things, especially amidst the daily grind and the chaos. You love your work, you love the hustle, you can’t slow down and you don’t want to….but it’s difficult to maintain a top-level career AND live up to the world’s expectations. You’re drowning in stress, sleep deprivation, lack of focus, and irritability. It’s wearing on your health and it’s stealing from your relationships but you can’t find balance.


At Hustle2Flow we understand your ambition, your motivation and your competitive drive and we will never ask you to sacrifice them. But we also value your health as it truly is your wealth. And we care about your relationships for as they strengthen, your success grows.


That’s why we’ve created a strategic, personalized wellness optimization program to help you take control of your health & your life, reach your highest potential and become the best version of yourself. Combining the Rugged Gentleman's Blueprint - a total body performance + success roadmap formulated from comprehensive Functional Medicine labs, interpretation & analysis of your blueprint, 1:1 coaching customized to YOUR specific needs based on YOUR unique bio-markers and wellness KPIs, and community support, we will work with you to create a plan that helps you reach and exceed your goals. We'll provide the tools to help you hack your brain,  boost hormone function, elevate mood, improve quality of sleep, and optimize digestion, while you learn what foods give you superpowers (and which are your kryptonite), what supplements help your body thrive, stress management techniques to keep you resilient and simple yet sustainable lifestyle changes that yield huge benefits!

As you upgrade your health, mindset & performance, you will create balance between work and home, all the while becoming a better and more successful businessman, partner, father and friend.

What Guys Are Saying...

Ray, 38

I love my results and the care Dr. Jess provides! I have been working with her since September of 2020 and the transformation my body has made is incredible. When I started with Dr. Jess I was aprox. 25% body fat and around 240lbs. I'm currently 16% body fat and 227lbs. Not only do I look amazing I feel unstoppable. I have worked with several other NMD's in the past and never experienced anything as I do with Dr. Jess. Her responses are fast! She leaves no stone unturned if she needs to do a little research to find the best answer. I have never felt so cared for by an NMD in my life. Dr. Jess is the best out there, hands down!

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