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30-Day Reset

Detox | Recharge | Remineralize | Revitalize

This 4-week product and lifestyle protocol pairs groundbreaking detox, energy, longevity, and mineralization formulas to help your patients realize their full health potential and create a foundation for the future. Perfect for groups, 30 Day Reset comes with all the components you need to administer the program, plus robust patient resources for a complete reset package.




Vitamins & Minerals

Science-Based Wellness Program

Power Biological DetoxAMPK Charge+™ and Ultra Binder® work together to help activate a master metabolic pathway, mobilize toxins, clean up cells from the inside out, and support metabolic function and flexibility to burn more fat for fuel.

Amplify Energy Production NAD+ Gold® and Methyl Charge+™ sync to support NAD+ production, generate more mitochondria in the cells, and support the methylation cycle to tap new energy stores and longevity potential.

Remineralize and RevitalizeQuintEssential® 3.3, a deep seawater solution, and H2 Elite, dissolvable molecular hydrogen provide cellular remineralization to support energy levels and antioxidant status – and replenishing electrolytes during detox and exercise.

Running Outdoor

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